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Trainin and Yeshurun researched communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A current exhibit at the Wellcome Collection in London focuses on encouraging feelings of tranquility.

Joseph Allen, the director of Harvard’s Healthy Buildings program clearly lays out in a recent article in The Atlantic why effective workplace ventilation is so important.      

Research on topics related to workplace ventilation continues. 

Ratcliffe’s work confirms the value of nature soundtracks in particular contexts. 

De Groot evaluated how in-store scents influence shopping behavior. 

Hornstein, Fanselow, and Eisenberger studied links between feeling something warm and perceptions of safety.

2021 - October

Visual art can definitely be an excellent investment. Neuroscience research indicates that it can powerfully and positively enrich mental and physical wellbeing via its effects on how people think and behave.

2021 - October

Recently, lots of attention has focused on meetings, and we’ve all learned to Zoom.  Future in-meeting experiences will continue to significantly affect both individual and organizational wellbeing and performance.  Neuroscience research can be used to encourage at-meeting situations with advantageous outcomes.

2021 - October

Workplace design can make worker burnout less likely and employee engagement more probable—neuroscience research details not only why but also how.