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When they have a comfortable level of control over their design-based experiences, users' wellbeing, and cognitive performance are higher than when control is inadequate or they are overwhelmed by choices. Neuroscience research details how much control is best and which sorts of options earn top marks.   


Moments of contemplation, whether they’re rooted in a religion or a practice such as meditation, increase individual and group wellbeing.  Neuroscience research can be applied to design positive, uplifting, and inspiring spiritual/meditation/etc. settings.


Neuroscientists have determined that one of our core drives is to socialize with others, when we choose, how we choose.  Their research also indicates how space and object design can encourage the best sorts of interactions with others.

Many handy, significant workplace design-related studies have already been published in 2023. This article briefly reviews 60 of them.

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Green spaces where people and nature flourish.

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Mental refreshment and energy levels linked

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Acoustics driving design-related outcomes

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An area indoors with a water feature, some moving water that space users can see and hear, is one where design is doing good work.

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It’s great when there’re resources (time, money, and otherwise) to thoroughly deal with all of the sensory issues that might arise in a workplace—but that’s often not the case.  Neuroscience research can guide you to highest priority actions.

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Zu and associates assessed links between the topography of an area and interpersonal trust there.

Liu and colleagues evaluated the implications of scenting office spaces. 

In an open access article, Rashidfarokhi and colleagues probed how design can promote human resilience.