Foster Creativity

More on Plants, Nature, Green and Creativity (01-15-16)

Studente, Seppala and Sadowska studied how seeing live plants, nature, and the color green influences creative thinking.  In their experiment  “Three groups [of participants] were used; one group in a classroom surrounded by plants and view to natural settings [creativity task presented on white paper], one with no views to nature but who completed the task on green paper, the third, with no plants present and no views to nature [creativity task on white paper].

Visual Distractions and Insights (10-30-15)

Recently completed research by Salvi, Bricolo, Franconeri, Kounios, and Beeman links eliminating visual distractions and searching for insightful solutions to problems.  The researchers found that study “participants blinked more frequently and for a longer total duration prior to problems that they solved by insight rather than by analysis.”  This finding is consistent with carefully monitoring the visual complexity of spaces where insightful/creative thinking is encouraged, and keeping it to a moderate level.  It also supports incorporating blank walls and similar areas in these sorts of


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