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Colored Light Tubes

Color choices have practical implications. Research by cognitive scientists on both surface colors and colors of light should inform designers' decisions.

Co-Working Office

Investigators have learned a great deal about the optimal design of workplaces in homes, co-working sites--and corporate centers.  

Signs tell us what we should do and how we should do it. Sometimes the messages that we “read” from them are consistent with the objectives of the people who’ve designed the signs and other times they’re not.  What distinguishes effective signs from ineffective ones?   

Cafe Seats, Stockholm

Street seats, places to sit bordering roads and sidewalks, make cities more pleasant places to be, physically and psychologically.

News Briefs

Lessons for a new age

Effects of lighting options on plaza users' experiences

Treating pain with light

Looks and evaluations

Soundscaping scary spaces

Being in green buildings enhances health and what else?

Book Reviews

Material Alchemy Book Cover

Thought provoking insights on materials

Exploring and understanding the design repercussions of "Swedishness" for all

Design at Work

Being in Stockholm's Arlanda airport is a relaxing experience.