RDC's Editor on the Implications of Design

Sally Augustin, RDC's Publisher and Editor, is interviewed in this New York Times article.


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RDC 2014- March

Research Conversations

Where walls are located isn't the only influence on how large or small a space seems.  Other design decisions have a significant effect on perceived spaciousness.

Therapeutic gardens/landscapes can make a big difference in users' lives.  Research leads to practical design suggestions that optimize user experience of these spaces.

The Positive Design movement is gaining momentum around the world.

Pets make humans' lives better, and humans can design spaces that make pets' lives better.

Are You Sure?

 Think all design-related research is only common sense? That you know the results without investigating? Maybe not.  People respond to their environment based on many factors. Check out some non-intuitive examples here.



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Looking at particular colors, patterns, etc., aids development.

A survey can effectively collect space syntax-related data.

Height inspires awe.

A sophisticated methodology shows promise for environmental assessments.

All the effort that goes into post-occupancy evaluations can be justified.

A simple sunshield can keep bicyclists from running red lights.

Research continues to add nuances to the known relationship between temperature and sociability.

"Soft architecture" improves prison visitor centers.

Of Interest

The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) will meet May 28-31, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana.





Book Reviews

Communicating design concepts can be difficult.  Erwin has suggestions that can make the information sharing process easier and all parties better informed.