RDC's Editor on the Implications of Design

Sally Augustin, RDC's Publisher and Editor, is interviewed in this New York Times article.


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RDC 2015 - April

Research Conversations

Aligning design with national culture makes it more likely that users will experience the mental and physical conditions that optimize their wellbeing and performance.

Research in cognitive science shows clear links between particular concrete, physical experiences and higher-level mental concepts.  

What can designers do to make it less likely that crowding and interpersonal distances are an issue?  And the answer to this question isn’t simply to build larger spaces.

Awe is a powerful force, one that designers should employ with care.

Are You Sure?

 Think all design-related research is only common sense? That you know the results without investigating? Maybe not.  People respond to their environment based on many factors. Check out some non-intuitive examples here.



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