RDC's Editor on the Implications of Design

Sally Augustin, RDC's Publisher and Editor, is interviewed in this New York Times article.


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RDC 2014 - June

Research Conversations

Decisions designers make now affect walking later--and our mental and physical health.

Environmental energy levels and planned activities align for successful design.

Library design today is jam-packed with challenges--and opportunities.

Sessions at the annual meeting of the  Environmental Design Research Association focused on the issues that will determine our future wellbeing, as individuals and a species.

Stair design can do a lot more for us than smooth our trip from one floor to another.

Are You Sure?

 Think all design-related research is only common sense? That you know the results without investigating? Maybe not.  People respond to their environment based on many factors. Check out some non-intuitive examples here.



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WiFi should drive design decisions.

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Using windows to improve recovery rates for new moms.

Campus users are picky about plazas.

Book Reviews

An important resource for people trying to learn more about user experiences in complex and active environments.

A classic, useful tool, updated.