RDC's Editor on the Implications of Design

Sally Augustin, RDC's Publisher and Editor, is interviewed in this New York Times article.


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RDC 2014 - September

Research Conversations

Researchers have learned a lot about creating functional soundscapes, ones that make it more likely we’ll think and act in certain ways. Our ears are always working.  What should they be hearing?  

Ceilings and floors have an important influence on the psychological experience of being in a space, although space users do not often focus on these horizontal planes.  How can these surfaces can be used to promote desired experiences?

Social and physical scientists have researched effective museum design--and they've learned a lot that people developing these sorts of environments--and others--should be applying every day. 

Doors are an important design element.  They set the tone for the space beyond, and much more.

Are You Sure?

 Think all design-related research is only common sense? That you know the results without investigating? Maybe not.  People respond to their environment based on many factors. Check out some non-intuitive examples here.



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