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Sally Augustin, RDC's Publisher and Editor, is interviewed in this New York Times article.


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RDC 2015 - February

Research Conversations

Whether it’s subtle or dramatic, large or small, abstract or realistic, or something else entirely, visual art has a significant influence on the experience of being in a space.  What have researchers learned about how it can increase our mental and physical wellbeing?

Reversal theory guides people familiar with its principles to powerful insights about the life experiences of human beings because it focuses attention on our core objectives, capabilities, and emotions.  

PlaceMaking is at the core of design, whether the focus of a particular project is the development of new spaces or the objects that go into them.  PlaceMaking elevates the physical, social, and cultural experiences that people have in a particular place.

Transparency is a good thing, unless it's not.

Are You Sure?

 Think all design-related research is only common sense? That you know the results without investigating? Maybe not.  People respond to their environment based on many factors. Check out some non-intuitive examples here.



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