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Lasauskaite and Cajochen linked mental effort intensity and light color. 

Unsworth and McNeill set out to learn more about how to encourage people to behave in an environmentally responsible way.

Airflow velocity in a space influences how well we sleep there.

Pati and colleagues investigated responses to curved and sharp contours in healthcare environments and gathered some intriguing data.

Nejati, Rodiek, and Shepley studied surgical nurses’ ideas about what makes break rooms restorative spaces using visual simulations.

Research by Wilkes and colleagues confirms the psychological benefits of seats that encourage sitting with good posture. 

Pineda and her team studied soundscapes in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). 

Benson and Coleman have found that more older adults are choosing to “live apart together;” this new way of “co-habitating” has repercussions for home design, for example. 

A team lead by Hung confirmed that particular sorts of sounds are linked to certain shapes; their work is useful to people naming products and places, for example. 

Liou and Lan investigated “cultural differences in creative behaviors.”