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Belkin and Kouchaki set out to learn how the temperature of the place people are in influences how they think and behave.

Kim and Kim thoroughly researched how seeing art influences decisions made.

Brutus, Javadian, and Panaccio linked commuting to work by bicycle to lower stress levels among those who biked to the office just after they arrived at work.

Rozenkrants, Wheeler, and Shiv studied how humans convey information about themselves through the products they choose. 

The sorts of sensory experiences we think about influence the opinions we form in intriguing ways

Ulset and her research team investigated links between time spent outside and cognitive development.

Want people to answer survey questions?  Wear glasses when you talk to them.

Many researchers use experience sampling to collect information about user experiences in existing spaces as those experiences unfold.

Garrett, Spreitzer, and Bacevice investigated the development of community at coworking sites.

Women living in greener spaces have lower mortality rates.