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Engelen and colleagues investigated the implications of moving into a workplace designed to increase user activity levels. 

How do residents’ perceptions of their neighborhoods and objective measures of conditions there influence neighborhood satisfaction?

Researchers have devoted a great deal of attention to identifying neighborhood and urban design that encourages active transport (e.g., walking or riding a bicycle). 

Who should lead a group charged with coming up with creative ideas?

Interacting with friends face-to-face periodically is important. 

2016 - January

Shoppers’ physical, emotional, and cognitive responses to retail environments influence whether merchandise and services are sold, or not.  Design can make sales-inducing experiences more likely.

2016 - January

Social and cognitive scientists have developed time-related insights that designers can apply to create spaces that work in and through time, enduring and enriching.

2016 - January

It’s easier to persuade someone to do something in some environments than others.

2016 - January

Eyes and citrus make a significant difference

2016 - January

Body position can promote chumminess