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Cornell researchers have investigated the effects of hearing different sorts of music on cooperation.

Pilorz and colleagues studied the effects of experiencing green and blue light on sleep.

Envy in workplaces can arise for many reasons, imagined or real (consider variations in desk chairs provided).

We prefer to interact with certain sorts of assistive robots. 

Research lead by Thomas indicates that in-office drinking water can have an important effect on employees’ mental and physical health, as well as how they move through their workplace. 

Research presented at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) annual conference by Patricia Hasbach provides compelling evidence of the benefits of viewing nature videos. 

The design of logos can make them look more stable (i.e., like they’d be less likely to rock back and forth if carved out of wood, etc.) or less stable.

Want to encourage people to walk more quickly?

During the research process, videos taken in particular spaces or of the activities of certain user groups are often viewed in slow motion.

New research indicates that the sleep-disturbing effects of seeing the blue light emitted by electronic devices at night can be countered by experiencing bright light during the day.