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Thinking about the histories of colors and how they’ve been used in the past is fun.

A measurement technique developed by people studying pain may be useful to designers trying to understand the intensity of difficult to describe experiences.

Cascades Tissues Group surveyed people in the US who are or have been on-campus students at the kindergarten through graduate school level relatively recently. 

Goldin-Meadow’s work indicates the importance of being able to see the gestures of others; a strong argument for co-location.

Hughes and Miller have collected additional information linking sensory experiences.

Pulsford and his team have evaluated the hazards of sitting, using data collected over 16 years from thousands of men and women. 

Research by Finan, Quartana, and Smith confirms how important it is to design in safeguards that prevent sleep from being disrupted.

Allen and Pammer completed a detailed study of the link between hearing white noise and the ability of children with ADHD (7 to 14 years old) to pay attention. 

Gueguen and his colleagues have linked seeing flowers with an increased likelihood to help others. 

Hidalgo and Castaner, of MIT’s Media Lab, have developed a complex, but useful, model to determine optimal distribution of neighborhood amenities, such as coffee shops and parking lots.