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People with different personality traits—particularly differences related to sensation seeking (described below)—seem to respond in different ways to seeing the color red. 

A research team lead by Alkozei has learned that being in blue light continues to affect how our minds work—experiencing blue light has been linked to higher alertness and quicker decision making—even after we leave a blue lit area. 

Converting seated meetings to walking meetings is good for our physical health. 

It seems that acquiring things can indeed make us happy, as long as the new items align with our personality.

Pilcher and Baker wanted to learn more about the relationship between moving in some way while working and professional performance. 

Pecca and Kwan share interesting insights on designing spaces to promote human exposure to the “right” sort of microbes.

Weiner identifies locations where, historically and today, creative genius has been particularly prevalent, exploring connections between geography—and other factors—and concentrations of creative people. 

Swanson and her team have found that psychological wellbeing levels are higher when people have more sunlight in their homes. 

Want people to purchase good-for-them produce?

Some of us are more attentive to the people around us and others to the place we're in.