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Using the stairs instead of an elevator helps us keep trim and saves energy—and stairway design and placement, for instance, can boost the likelihood we’ll take the stairs.

Hoendervanger and his colleagues studied activity-based work (ABW) environments.

A study published in Applied Geography links well-kept vacant lots and lower crime levels. 

Millennial leaders’ responses to workplaces were investigated via a recent study.

Won, Lee, and Li studied links between walkability and foreclosure spillover effects (such as property prices declining near foreclosures). 

A team lead by Heo has found more evidence that seeing blue light, particularly at night, is energizing. 

DiGiacomo lead a study that assessed how the location of recycling and composting bins influences their use.

Romero and Biswas learned that to encourage consumption, healthier options should be placed to the left of unhealthier ones.

De Groot, Semin, and Smeets provide additional information about how scents influence how we interact with each other.