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Koschinsky and her team wanted to better understand what motivates people to lace on their sneakers and go for a walk.

Miller and Krizan studied the emotional consequences of the walking that we do as we live our daily lives.

Dietze and Knowles investigated how attention to others varies by social class. 

Now there are even more reasons to make sure people exercising can listen to music.

A new tool supports the development of design solutions that are good for both people and the planet.

A study lead by Rioux in France provides additional insights into how urban design can influence walking.

Research by Dobricki and Pauli confirms that the experience of walking through a space, literally, affects emotional response to it. 

An article published in PLoS ONE indicates that medieval and modern cities are more similar than you might think.

Poon and his teammates have determined that nature images can be used to combat aggression; their findings can be applied in a range of spaces where aggressive activities might be anticipated.

Feeling regret for taking a particular action leads people to prefer particular temperatures.