2018 - January

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Sally Augustin

Ceilings – What’s Up Affects Thinking and Doing

Ceilings significantly affect the psychological experience of being in a place, although space users do not often focus on these horizontal planes.  This article reviews neuroscience research on ceilings and how these surfaces can be used to achieve design objectives.

Insights from Urban Research for Designing Everywhere

Cognitive science research in urban and other settings regularly shows that people are people no matter where they are and that they respond in consistent ways to the worlds around themselves. This article highlights findings from urban design studies that illustrate fundamental design principles that improve people’s lives, anyplace.

WOW Design – Inspiring Awe Can Be a Very Good Idea

Designed and natural spaces can inspire awe in humans.  How do they produce this effect and why does it matter?  Applying insights gained from social science research to answer these questions enhances design practice.

In Practice - Distance from the Equator 

How we sense and make sense of the environment around us—and how our brains work with information, in general—can vary based on where we are on Earth.  We discuss Equator-relative, design-related variations in thoughts and behaviors in this article.

Workplace Density: Numbers!

Findings that prevent crowding

Creating Worship Spaces

Build in exploration

Biophilic Design: Cognitive Implications

Quantifying the effects of applying basic principles

Mental Work and Wooden Walls

What's on the walls matters

Plant Boundaries: How Many Plants?

The right answer depends on location

Designing Prisons

Research to inform design that supports rehabilitation

Tested Research Tools Available

Practical. Relevant. Free.

Seasonal Variations in Desired Experiences

Varying user experiences can be appropriate

Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do

Makes unconscious forces conscious considerations

Statistics with R: A Beginner’s Guide

A crucial guide to an important tool