2017 - June

WorkplaceSeating NL
WorkplaceSeating NL
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Sally Augustin

The Best Seats in the House Are . . . Should we be sitting? Standing? Walking?

The chairs we sit in and look at influence how we think and behave.  Their design affects our physical, emotional, and cognitive wellbeing and when we decide to work or otherwise live without them, that decision has important implications.   

Wayfinding and Travel-Related Signage

Traveling from place to place can be a physical and mental challenge.  Researchers have learned a lot about how architecture, interior design, and signage can help us keep moving toward our intended destinations, stress free (relatively). 

Using Design to Sound Good

The design of spaces and objects affect acoustic experiences. Scientists have carefully investigated how the sounds we hear influence the professional, social, and cultural lives we live, and the insights they’ve gathered should inform the design of situation-effective soundscapes.  

Thermostat Settings Matter!

How air temperature influences humans psychologically has been extensively studied.  

Art Size and Placement: They Make a Difference

Go big and high or small and low

Preferred Spaces – Rectilinear or Curvy?

Choice depends on professional training

Calculating the Value of Green Workplaces

Guide to making the case for green offices

Designing for the End of Life

The last place can be a good place

Hard and Soft: When and Why

Seat cushions and thinking, linked again

Preferences of Adolescent Patients: Cultural Differences

National culture affects room design desires

Looking IN Portraits

Gaze direction in portraits key


Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Important, practical material