Motivate Ecological/"Green" Behaviors

When Buildings Talk to Users . . . (12-29-17)

Khashe and team studied what building systems speaking to users should sound like.  They found when they “investigated the effectiveness of different delivery styles (i.e., avatar, voice, and text), as well as the impact of communicator’s persona (i.e., building facility manager and building itself) and gender (i.e., male and female) on occupants’ compliance with pro-environmental requests. . . . that avatar is more effective than voice and voice is more effective than text on promoting compliance with persuasive pro-environmental requests. . . .

Encouraging People to Use the Stairs (10-19-17)

Getting people to move from floor to floor via the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator can not only save electricity but also make those stair climbers a little healthier. Bellettiere and his colleagues report that “at the San Diego International Airport. . . . prompts [signs] increased the odds of stair use [significantly]. . . . [signs were] effective interventions for active adults and the higher risk population of inactive adults.

Lobbies and Temperatures (08-31-17)

Research by Vargas and her team indicates that lobbies can be useful thermal transition zones.  The team reports that “Maintaining comfort levels while reducing energy demand in buildings in the face of climate change is a key challenge in temperate zones. Creating transitional spaces and thermal variation in buildings may offer a way forward.”  Data were collected in three higher education buildings in the United Kingdom.


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