Smart Homing (05-17-18)

Coskun, Kaner, and Bostan interviewed people living in different types of households (alone or with family members, in one income or dual income families, etc.) who were classified as likely to be relatively early users of smart home technologies.  The Coskun-lead team found that being able to use the same technological tool in different ways in different situations and “remote control have great potential for facilitating the widespread use of smart household appliances when they are combined with the ability to increase users’ competence in household activities through providing guidance.

Moving in Museums (01-26-18)

Pelowski and his team reviewed “factors that could influence our interactions with museum-based art.”  They report, for example that “Upon entering a gallery, visitors often pause and survey the room, determining which objects should be engaged with and identifying a desired path to follow. . . . Visitors  . . . tend to move to the right upon entering a gallery and may give more attention to works on the right side of a room.  There is a tendency to follow the wall around a room and to leave at the first doorway. . . .


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