Treadmill Desks: Cognitive Effects (09-17-18)

Zhang and colleagues investigated the effects on cognitive performance of working at a treadmill desk. They tested executive function (specifically, inhibition, updating, and task shifting) when people were sitting, standing, and walking at a treadmill desk at two different speeds (a self-selected speed averaging 2.3 kilometers/hour and a faster one averaging 3.5 kilometers/hour).  For more on executive function, read this article:

Opportunities to Stand: Implications (07-27-18)

In an actual workplace, Garland and colleagues studied the physical and mental consequences of using adjustable workstations.  The team report that “Adjustable workstations (AWS) promote health by allowing transitions between sitting and standing. . . . Employees were randomly selected from one office floor to receive AWS, two identical floors maintained TD [traditional desks]. Participants [all] received workplace wellness and ergonomic training. . . . Compared to TD . . . participants with AWS . . . [self] reported significantly less sedentary behavior . . . after AWS installation. . . .


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