Workplace Privacy (09-06-22)

Colenberg  and colleagues studied available privacy and workplace satisfaction.  They report that “Eight design features were defined that were expected to influence visual, acoustic and physical privacy, noise from other people and acoustic quality, and which would be easy to report for users. Data were collected through an online survey among office workers in the Dutch public sector. . . . The data indicate that small, relatively isolated rooms predict privacy and noise satisfaction better than privacy screens, soft flooring, and visibility control. Workspace soundproofing increases satisfaction with sound privacy and acoustics, but it does not reduce noise annoyance. . . . hybrid working may increase the need for informal interaction at the office while there still is a need for privacy and quiet spaces.”

Susanne Colenberg, Natalia Herrera, and David Keyson.  2022. “Interior Design Features Predicting Satisfaction with Office Workplace Privacy and Noise.”  The 21st EuroFM Research Symposium,