Workplace Change and Satisfaction (04-25-22)

Sirolo and team investigated how moving from private offices to an activity-based workplace influences work environment satisfaction one year after the move.  They learned via data collected from people who had relocated from private offices to activity-based offices that “personnel’s criticisms concerned the reasons for the change, their opportunities to influence the office design and the extent to which their views were taken into account. Environmental satisfaction decreased after moving to the ABO. The personnel’s ratings of the workplace change process before the relocation were associated with the later change in environmental satisfaction. . . . degree of agreement with management’s reasons for the change was the strongest predictor of the change in environmental satisfaction. Organizations that move from private offices to an ABO should invest in high-quality change management and simultaneously develop both work and facilities. Special attention should be paid to clarifying the rationale for the change to the employees and to providing them with opportunities to influence during the change. Organizations should continue to monitor user experiences and evaluate the effects of the change after the office redesign and should take corrective action as needed.”

Pia Sirolo, Annu Haapakangas, Marjaana Lahtinen, and Virpi Ruohomaki.  2022. “Workplace Change Process and Satisfaction with Activity-Based Office.”  Facilities, vol. 40, no. 15/16, pp. 17-39,