Working with ADHD (03-07-22)

Abrams probed the experiences of people with ADHD working during the pandemic and her findings indicate how workplace design can support people with ADHD generally.  Abrams states that “Working from home has also presented challenges for adults with ADHD, including dealing with the loss of boundaries—such as a dedicated workspace or an on-site supervisor—that help them avoid distractions and provide cues about when to stop and start tasks. . . . [mental health care] providers have used a mix of old and new strategies to help people with ADHD function well during the pandemic. . . . For adults working from home, a clear workspace that contains only work-related items helps to limit distractions, Politi [Danielle Politi, PsyD, Multi-Health Systems, Inc.] said.  She also recommends scheduling frequent breaks and using the last 15 to 30 minutes of each workday to reset:  Clear your inbox and office space and make a plan for the following day.  . . .  People with ADHD can improve their functioning by seeking out optimal work times and settings.”

Zara Abrams. 2022. “Helping Adults and Children with ADHD in a Pandemic World.”  Monitor on Psychology vol. 53, no. 2, pp. 68-74.