Wellbeing and Parks (02-27-19)

Yuen and Jenkins link time spent in parks and higher feelings of wellbeing.  The team learned that “visitors from three urban parks completed a short questionnaire evaluating SWB [subjective well-being] (with two components: affect [emotion] and life satisfaction) immediately before and after their park visit. . . . Results indicated a significant improvement in SWB, affect, and life satisfaction scores of park visitor participants from before and after their visit. Duration of park visit was . . . associated with SWB scores, and . . . with the improvement in life satisfaction scores, controlling for parks and age, after the visit; a 20.5-min park visit predicted the highest overall accuracy (64%) improvement in life satisfaction. It is recommended that design of the park space should attract visitors to stay for at least 20 min in the park.” An important definition: “Urban green space is defined as publicly accessible open areas covered with natural vegetation, a definition that includes parks within city boundaries.”The changes in SWB, etc., were not related to level of activity during park visits, so a range of users, engaging in an assortment of pastimes, should experience the effects found.

Hon Yuen and Gavin Jenkins. “Factors Associated with Changes in Subjective Well-Being Immediately After Urban Park Visit.”  International Journal of Environmental Health Research, in press, https://doi.org/10.1080/09603123.2019.1577368