Walking and Thinking (06-23-22)

Patelaki and colleagues add to the body of knowledge related to walking’s cognitive implications.  They report that “Mobile brain/body imaging (M0BI) was used to record electroencephalographic (EEG) activity, 3-denstional (3D) gait kinematics and behavioral responses in the cognitive task, during sitting or walking on a treadmill.  In a cohort of 26 young adults, 14 participants improved in measures of cognitive task performance while walking compared with sitting. . . In contrast, 12 participants . . . did not improve.”

Eleni Patelaki, John Foxe, Kevin Mazurek, and Edward Freedman.  “Young Adults Who Improve Performance During Dual-Task Walking Show More Flexible Reallocation of Cognitive Resources:  A Mobile Brain-Body Imaging (MoBI) Study.”  Cerebral CORTEX, in press, https://doi.org/10.1093/cercor/bhac227