Vision – Taste Links (03-16-22)

Lee and Lim tie visual experiences to anticipated tastes.  They report that their “study examines the effects on viewers’ purchase intention of two visual design techniques used with food items in food advertising – repetition and alignment. . . . Three studies were conducted. . . . The findings of Study 1 and Study 2 reveal that repetition of food items enhanced viewers’ likelihood of purchasing the presented food through cross-modal responses between vision and taste. . . .  results . . . confirm . . . cross-modal correspondences between vision and taste when individuals process a food image.”

Jinha Lee and Heejin Lim.  2022. “Design Matters:  Cross-Modal Correspondences Between Vision and Taste in Food Advertising.”  Journal of Marketing Communications, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 132-151, https:/