Virtual Reality and Restoration (11-30-21)

Newman and colleagues investigated how virtual reality realism influences potentially restorative VR experiences.  They determined that “High realism VR environments provided a greater sense of presence and restoration.  Realism is important, particularly for environmental restoration research. . . . Two studies were conducted to examine how realism of environmental presentations impact affective responses and participant perceptions. . . . . Study One showed that experiences of VR presentations fell between real and video presentations. Study Two found that more realistic VR environments evoked more positive affective and serenity responses, as well as a greater sense of presence. In both studies, participants stressed the importance of naturalistic interaction, sensory immersion, and graphical realism in the experiences. . . .  The level of realism that can be attained with VR does impact affective responses and perceptions.”

M Newman, B. Gatersleben, K. Wyles, and E. Ratcliffe.  “The Use of Virtual Reality in Environment Experiences and the Importance of Realism.” Journal of Environmental Psychology.  101733, in press,