Valuing Outside Spaces (05-17-22)

Using the Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool (ORVal), developed at the University of Exeter, researchers have determined the values of parks, beaches, and other green spaces in the United Kingdom.  The investigators found that “small parks deliver ‘pound for pound’ the highest recreation value, and that good access to quality green spaces, the weather and dog ownership are key drivers of increased outdoor recreation. . . . Large country parks and beaches are generally the most valuable green spaces. People from ethnic minority backgrounds and in less affluent socioeconomic groups are less likely to engage in outdoor recreation, even when given the same recreation opportunities. . . . Dog owners are 4 times (3.7) more likely to use recreation spaces but having children does not significantly impact recreation habits. . . . Key drivers of recreation include the proximity of the site, ease of travel, whether the park is a mix of grass and woodland and the availability of car parks and children’s play areas.”

“Parks and Green Spaces of England and Wales Valued at 25.6 Billion Pounds a Year.”  2022.  Press release, University of Exeter,