Urban Place Bonds and Maintenance (07-16-20)

Hidalgo and colleagues studied how bonds to urban places are related to how well cared for those spaces are.  The team report that “Research in environmental psychology has found a positive relationship between place bonds and behaviors related to care and maintenance of place. Although this relationship has been analyzed in natural environments. . . . The participants [in this study] were . . . from eight different neighborhoods with different sociodemographic characteristics in one Spanish city. The results indicate that the relationship between attachment and behavior is significant only in residents with higher socioeconomic levels. . . . Other variables which are significant in explaining neighborhood care are social norms, residential satisfaction, and support for protection policies.”

M. Hidalgo, Pilar Moreno-Jimenez, Gabriel Muinos, and Bernardo Hernandez. “Neighborhood Care and Neighborhood Bonds:  An Unequal Relationship.”  Environment and Behavior, in press, https://doi.org/10.1177/0013916520937453