Uppercase, Lowercase (08-05-21)

Research completed by Tengand colleagues confirms that fonts used in logos matter.  The investigators determined that “A substantial body of research suggests that letter cases (uppercase and lowercase) impact consumers’ perceptions. . . . this research has verified that brands with [all] uppercase logos can make consumers sense more competence and brands with [all] lowercase logos can lead consumers to perceive more warmth. . . . For consumers with high (vs. low) power distance belief, an uppercase (vs. lowercase) brand logo leads consumers to perceive more competence (vs. warmth) of the brand and thus have a more positive brand attitude.” Power distance is an aspect of national culture, identified, for example, by Hofstede, that is discussed regularly in Research Design Connections.

Lefa Teng, Chenxin Xie, Tianjiao Liu, Fan Wang, and Lianne Foti. 2021.  “The Effects of Uppercase Vs. Lowercase Letters on Consumers’ Perceptions and Brand Attitudes.”  Journal of Business Research, vol. 136, pp. 164-175, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2021.07.013