Tips on Presenting Options (10-07-19)

De Bellis and colleagues investigated product customization.  They report that “Mass customization interfaces typically guide consumers through the configuration process in a sequential manner, focusing on one product attribute after the other. . . . A series of large-scale field and experimental studies, conducted with Western and Eastern consumers, shows that matching the interface to consumers’ culture-specific processing style enhances the effectiveness of mass customization. Specifically, presenting the same information isolated (by attribute) to Western consumers but contextualized (by alternative) to Eastern consumers increases satisfaction with and likelihood of purchasing the configured product, along with the amount of money spent on the product.”

Emanuel de Bellis, Christian Hildebrand, Kenichi Ito, Andreas Hermann, and Bernd Schmitt. “Personalizing the Customization Experience:  A Matching Theory of Mass Customization Interfaces and Cultural Information Processing.”  Journal of Marketing Research, in press,