Thinking About Temperature: Consequences (03-23-17)

Halali and colleagues learned that just thinking about temperature has a serious effect on how our brains work.  After the researchers got people thinking about temperature, by, for example, showing them various landscapes “associated with cool vs. warm temperatures [and asking them to imagine themselves in the location shown] . . . . cool compared to warm temperatures lead to improved performance on . . . an established cognitive control measure.”  Landscapes viewed were cold and snowy or warm and sunny, for example.  When people have less cognitive control, their ability to pay attention and process emotional information appropriately may be impaired, for example.

E. Halali, N. Meiran, and I. Shalev.  2017.  “Keep It Cool:  Temperature Priming Effect on Cognitive Control.”  Psychological Research, vol. 81, no. 2, pp. 343-354.