Testing Environments (05-10-19)

Do the environments in which taste tests are conducted influence outcomes?  New research indicates that they do to some extent. Hannum and colleagues determined that when “red-wine consumers evaluated the same 4 wines in 3 environments—a traditional sensory booth, an immersive wine bar, and an actual wine bar. . . . at the individual level. . . On average, the greatest difference in liking scores occurred between the traditional booths and the actual wine bar . . . and was significantly greater than the difference in liking scores between the booths and immersive wine bar . . . Generally, consumers . . . estimated the wines at a higher price point in the actual environment compared to the traditional. . . . Overall, results suggest wine liking scores across environments were stable within the population, whereas greater variability was observed in individuals when comparing liking scores between traditional booths and the actual environment.”

Mackenzie Hannum, Sheri Forzley, Richard Popper, and Christopher Simons. 2019.  “Does Environment Matter?  Assessments of Wine in Traditional Booths Compared to an Immersive and Actual Wine Bar.”  Food Quality and Preference, vol. 76, pp. 100-108, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodqual.2019.04.007