Teachers Consider Classroom Redesign (05-03-21)

Recently completed research confirms that teachers understand that classroom design influences learning outcomes.  A press release from Universitat Oberta de Cataluny reports that “6 out of every 10 teachers [hold the opinion] that changing the design of the classroom is key to improving learning. . . . Currently, most teachers negatively rate the organization of the environment in their classroom.  This is one of the findings of the study, whereby low or moderate scores were obtained regarding the suitability of current classrooms to serve as comprehensive learning spaces.”  These findings are based on data collected from preschool, primary, and secondary school teachers working at 40 different schools.

“Six Out of Every 10 Teachers Believe That Changing the Design of the Classroom is Key to Improving Learning.”  2021. Press release, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-04/uodc-soo042921.php