Supporting Creative Thinking (03-06-18)

Breslin studied links between types of work breaks and creativity.  What he learned can be applied by designers as they work (for example, as they brainstorm); Breslin’s findings can also inform the development of spaces that support creative thinking.  Breslin “investigates the effect of off-task breaks, where individuals engage in a collective off-task activity, on group creativity.”  He found that “When compared to the no‐break case, it is seen that off‐task breaks, in which all individuals participate in the group activity, lead to more original ideas being generated post‐break. On the other hand, individual incubation breaks and self‐organizing group breaks, lead to lower levels of post‐break idea originality when compared with the no‐break case. This research thus highlights the positive benefits of off‐task breaks involving full member participation, on the creative process in groups.”

Dermot Breslin.  “Off-Task Social Breaks and Group Creativity.”  The Journal of Creative Behavior, in press,