In-Store Consistency (05-09-17)

Backstrom and Johansson studied consumer responses to being in stores, replicating a study they conducted in 2006.  They investigated “consumers’ in-store experiences and their components, from both a consumer and retailer perspective. . . . we also examine how the role of the physical store has changed over the last decade. . . . consumers’ in-store experiences to a large extent are created by the same aspects today as ten years ago (e.g. personnel, layout, atmosphere). Furthermore, while retailers today emphasize the importance of fulfilling new and more advanced consumer demands, they often still accentuate the weight and use of traditional values (e.g. personnel and layout) ahead of advanced technology.”  Data were collected in Sweden.

Kristina Backstrom and Ulf Johansson. 2017.   “An Exploration of Consumers’ Experiences in Physical Stores:  Comparing Consumers’ and Retailers’ Perspectives in Past and Present Time.”  The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, vol. 27, pp. 241-259.