Speed Effects (02-22-22)

How does the speed at which we feel we’re moving (in a car or train, for example) influence decisions made?  Shani-Feinstein, Kyung, and Goldenberg share that “With recent technological innovations, people increasingly experience speed during decision making. They can be physically on the move with their devices or virtually immersed in speed simulated through their devices. Through seven experiments, we provide evidence for a speed-abstraction effect, where the perception of moving faster (vs. slower) leads people to rely on more abstract (vs. concrete) mental representations during decision making.”

Yael Shani-Feinstein, Ellie Kyung, and Jacob Goldenberg.  “Moving, Fast or Slow:  How Perceived Speed Influences Mental Representation and Decision Making.”  Journal of Consumer Research, in press, https://doi.org/10.1093/jcr/ucac004