Sounds and Experiences (09-03-19)

Lin and teammates investigated multi-sensory experiences involving sound.  In a lab, they probed “the effects of environmental sounds (park, food court, fast food restaurant, cafe, and bar sounds) on the perception of chocolate gelato (specifically, sweet, bitter, milky, creamy, cocoa, roasted, and vanilla notes). . . . The results revealed that bitterness, roasted, and cocoa notes were more evident when the bar, fast food, and food court sounds were played. Meanwhile, sweetness was cited more in the early mastication [chewing] period when listening to park and café sounds.”

Yi Lin, Nazimah Hamid, Daniel Shepherd, Kevin Kantono, and Charles Spence.  2019.  “Environmental Sounds Influence the Multisensory Perception of Chocolate Gelati.” Foods, vol. 8, no. 4, p. 124,