Sounds and Choices (01-23-19)

Dong, Huang, Labroo link sounds heard and choices made.  The research team found that “Managers often use music as a marketing tool. . . . in service settings, slow music to boost relaxation, and classical music for sophistication. . . .  Employing field, laboratory, and online studies, the authors find that listening to higher-pitched music increases consumers’ likelihood to choose healthy options [vs. lower-pitched music] . . . order lower-calorie foods . . .  and engage in health-boosting activities. . . .  This effect arises because high pitch raises salience of morality thoughts . . . and attenuates [weakens]  when consumers do not perceive healthy choice as virtuous.”

Ping Dong, Xun Huang, and Aparna Labroo.  “Cueing Morality:  The Effect of High-Pitched Music on Healthy Choice.”  Journal of Marketing, in press,