Social Media and Place (09-20-21)

Gatti and Procentese probe how experiencing a place electronically, via social media, influences “in real life” situations.  They report that “data were collected through an online self-report questionnaire, administered to 525 Italian Instagram users. . . . The results suggest that social media community-related practices can change citizens' experience of their local community through fostering new representations and ways of experience urban spaces and sociability, which at last enhance their ties to both the community and its places. . . .  by making community places meaningful to users' local social experience and by strengthening users' positive attitude towards them, this Instagram practice is able to foster community members' perceptions of being part of a cohesive community which shares a daily life context, a common past, and an emotional connectedness. . . . social media community-related practices could be able to give new social meanings and livability to urban spaces.”           

Flora Gatti and Fortuna Procentese.  2021.  “Experiencing Urban Spaces and Social Meanings Through Social Media:  Unraveling the Relationships Between Instagram City-Related Use, Sense of Place, and Sense of Community.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, vol. 78, 101691,