Smelling Without Olfactory Bulbs (11-05-19)

Recently completed research confirms that humans are indeed fascinating creatures and that their sensory systems work in intriguing ways.  Murugesu states that “The olfactory bulb, a structure at the very front of the brain, plays a vital role in our ability to smell. Or, at least, so we thought. A research team has now discovered a handful of women who have a perfectly normal sense of smell but who seem to lack olfactory bulbs – completely altering our long-held views about smell.”  The study reporting these findings is published in Neuron and written by Weiss, Soroka, Gorodisky, Shushan, Snitz, Weissgross, Furman-Haran, Dhollander, and Sobel.

Jason Murugesu.  2019. “Some Women Lack Odour-Detecting Part of Brain But Still Sense Smells.” New Scientist,