Self-Views (06-28-22)

It may be possible to apply research findings related to the implications of seeing oneself during Zoom calls to other contexts, for example, to seeing oneself in a mirrored surface during a conversation.  Researchers determined via a study published in Clinical Psychological Science that “the more a person stares at themself while talking with a partner in an online chat, the more their mood degrades over the course of the conversation. . . . the findings point to a potentially problematic role of online meeting platforms in exacerbating psychological problems like anxiety and depression. . . . participants answered questions about their emotional status before and after the online conversations. . . . Participants could see themselves and their conversation partners on a split-screen monitor. 

“Staring at Yourself During Virtual Chats May Worsen Your Mood, Research Finds.”  2022. Press release, University of Illinois,