Scents in Stores (05-03-18)

Kechagia and Drichoutis probed the how scents smelled influence shoppers’ attitudes.  The duo report that via a laboratory experiment they studied “subjects’ willingness to pay for two unbranded products—a mug and a chocolate. . . . Our results show a statistically and economically significant effect on subjects’ willingness to pay: valuations increased up to 49% for subjects who were exposed to a citrus scent as compared to the control group [no scent introduced into the environment]. . . . Our resultsgenerallyconfirm the large literature from the marketing and psychology fields which  indicates that  scentsmay  induce  consumers in spending more byincreasing their valuationforthe product.”  

Varvara Kechagia and Andreas Drichoutis.  2017.  “The Effect of Olfactory Sensory Cues on Willingness to Pay and Choice Under Risk.” Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, vol. 70, pp. 33-46,