Retail Soundscapes (10-16-18)

Kwon and Kim investigated how soundscapes influenced attention to various design elements in coffee shops.  Data collected via eye-tracking and interviews were analyzed as part of their study, which “explored how visual attention to the interior elements of commercial settings was affected by auditory stimuli. . . .  photo images of coffee shops were used as visual stimuli. . . . As auditory stimuli, two songs in different genres were used:  soft pop . . . and dance-pop. . . . The participants gave their visual attention to the overall interior elements while slow and soft music was playing; their visual attention to signs, objects, and retail elements was noticeable while fast and intense background music was playing.”

Jain Kwon and Juyeon Kim. 2018.  “Individuals’ Visual Attention to Interior Elements in the Audio-Visual Context of Liven Experiences.”  In Shared Behavioral Outcomes, The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, September 20-22, 2018, Salk Institute,pp. 82-83.