Retail Color (04-01-20)

Cho and Suh studied the implications of use of combinations of particular colors in retail environments.  They report that “An environment simulating a hypothetical retail store was developed using a 3D rendering program. . . . When viewing the images, participants were asked to identify which images looked most luxurious. . . . dark colors used in large amounts of surface were perceived as more luxurious than light colors. . . ..  When a relatively large amount of the space is filled with a darker hue, particularly on the floor or main walls, the perceived level of luxury tends to be high. A large amount of space in a dark color is likely to enhance the perception of luxury."

Ji Cho and Joori Suh.  2020.  “Spatial Color Efficacy in Perceived Luxury and Preference to Stay:  An Eye-Tracking Study of Retail Interior Environment.” Frontiers in Psychology