Restaurant Light, Diner Experience (03-05-21)

Ozkul, Bilgili, and Koc studied how the color of light used in a restaurant influences diner experience.  The researchers found when “five experiments were conducted in five ambient lighted in different colors. . . . the perception of service quality and the level of satisfaction were higher in red and yellow-lighted ambient than those in blue and green-lighted ambient.” Some technical details:  “Yellow, blue, red, and green lights were obtained by covering the surface of white bulbs with colored gelatin. . .  to have approximately 1000 lx standard per square meter, 25 bulbs were used for the green light, 28 bulbs for the red light, and 29 bulbs for the blue light.”

Emrah Ozkul, Bilsen Bilgili, and Erdogan Koc. 2020.  “The Influence of the Color of Light on the Customers’ Perception of Service Quality and Satisfaction in the Restaurant.” Color Research and Application, vol. 45, no. 6, pp. 1217-1240,