Recap: Looking at Wood (01-29-21)

Lipovac and Burnard review published research related to looking at wood (physical or virtual indoor interactions with real or imitation wood) and reach the conclusion that “Studies with longer exposure times to wood generally observed improved affective states [moods] and decreased physiological arousal in wooden settings. . . . Current evidence suggests that visual wood exposure may improve certain indicators of human stress. . . . Current research suggests that visual wood exposure could lead to beneficial outcomes, but the evidence is limited.  .  . . Taken together, the studies reveal a potential for the benefits of wood use in buildings.”

Dean Lipovac and Michael Burnard.  “Effects of Visual Exposure to Wood on Human Affective States, Physiological Arousal and Cognitive Performance:  A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials.”  Indoor and Built Environment, in press, DOI:  10.1177/1420326X20927437