Public Parks Meet Citizen Needs (06-03-20)

Researchers investigated how green spaces (public parks) influence the wellbeing of city-dwellers; findings are published in the Journal of Public Space.  The Sahakian-lead group evaluated data collected in Chennai, Singapore, Manila, and Shanghai and report that their project “was based on a list of nine ‘protected needs’ that society has the capacity to meet. . . . parks fulfill almost all these needs to varying degrees, with three in particular standing out. . . .  parks play an essential role in the well-being of individuals . . .  they cannot be replaced by other venues where people meet, such as shopping centres.. . .needs [investigated] correspond to what society can offer the population through the public sector’ [Sahakian quoted] . . . . (1) the availability of goods that satisfy vital needs; (2) turning your own idea of everyday life into reality; (3) living in a pleasant environment; (4) growing as a person; (5) self-determination; (6) doing activities that you value; (7) being part of a community; (8) taking part in decisions about the future of society; and (9) being protected by society.”  Three needs in particular supported by public parks were 3, 4, and 7.

“Public Parks Guaranteeing Sustainable Well-Being.”  2020.  Press release, Universite de Geneve,