Post-COVID Design  (09-16-21)

Shepley, Kolakowski, Ziebarth, and Valenzuela-Mendoza assessed how the COVID-19 pandemic will influence the design health, hospitality, and senior care environments. They share that “An extensive literature review was conducted, the results of which were distributed to a group of experts . . . specializing in health, hospitality and design. After receiving their input, expert focus groups were conducted. . . . Healthcare facilities will require additional space, access to the outdoors, service hubs, and flexibility in garage and use of outdoor space. Hospitality settings will employ new cleaning methods, use of robotics, improved HVAC, Wellness programming, workspace options, and flexible food service operations. Senior facilities will engage more technology, socially distance visiting facilities, increase access to nature, and smaller scale residential clusters.. . . By considering health and hospitality simultaneously, we come to understand the symbiotic benefits of applying goals from one sector to the other. . . . By implementing some of the proposed design recommendations generated by this research, we will be better prepared to face future challenges.”

Mardelle Shepley, Heather Kolakowski, Nicolas Ziebarth, and Ellie Valenzuela-Mendoza. “How COVID-19 Will Change Health, Hospitality and Senior Facility Design.”  Frontiers in Built Environment, in press, doi:  10.3389/fbuil.2021.740903