Play Places and Conflict (01-13-22)

Pic and Han evaluated how children play indoors and outside.  They report that their “study explored peer conflict among preschoolers during indoor and outdoor free play in a nature-based preschool.  We collected data through observations and video recordings. . . . The findings revealed differences in primary conflict catalysts between indoor and outdoor settings.  Play ideas was the main conflict catalyst in the outdoor setting, while distribution of resources was the primary conflict catalyst in the indoor setting.  The implications of the study suggest that outdoor nature environments seem to provide children more meaningful conflict situations around play ideas rather than the mere possession of material.”

Annette Pic and Myae Han.  2021.  “Meaning Conflicts n Nature?  Exploring Peer Conflict in a Nature Preschool During Outdoor and Indoor Play.”  Children, Youth and Environments, vol. 31, no. 2, pp. 116-136,