Plating and Taste (08-29-19)

How food is plated influences how it is perceived; this finding may be applicable in settings that don’t involve those tested. Researchers evaluated “how the plating (i.e., visual composition) of a dish influences people's hedonic preferences and their perception of portion size. . . .  the centrally-plated dessert was rated as a larger portion than the offset version of exactly the same dish. The food was also liked more and the participants/diners were willing to pay more for it when . . .  centrally arranged. These results provide important guidelines for enhancing the visual arrangement of a dish, in order to increase enjoyment, and possibly also nudge consumers toward better food choices.”

Jessica Rowley and Charles Spence.  2018.  “Does the Visual Composition of a Dish Influence the Perception of Portion Size and Hedonic Preference?”  Appetite, vol. 128, pp. 79-86,