Place and Choices (08-31-21)

Eichinger, Schreier, and van Osselaer studied how place links influence consumption decisions. They report that “Consumption can provide a feeling of groundedness or being emotionally rooted. This can occur when products connect consumers to their physical (place), social (people), and historic (past) environment. . . . groundedness . . . increases consumer choice, increases happiness, and increases feelings of safety, strength, and stability. . . . marketers can provide consumers with a feeling of groundedness through product designs, distribution channels, and marketing communications. . . . we argue that groundedness is a powerful concept providing a comprehensive explanation for a variety of consumer trends, including the popularity of local, artisanal, and nostalgic products. It seems that in times of digitization, urbanization, and global challenges, the need to feel grounded has become particularly acute.”

Isabel Eichinger, Martin Schreier, and Stijn van Osselaer.  “Connecting to Place, People and Past:  How Products Can Make Us Feel Grounded and Why Marketers Should Care.” Journal of Marketing, in press,