Physical and Social Warmth (06-13-19)

Research completed by Inagaki and Human confirms that there are ties between physical and social warmth. The Inagaki/Human team found that “Growing evidence suggests that physical warmth and social warmth—feeling socially connected to others—are linked. . . . the current study examined tympanic [in-ear] temperature, a measure of internal body temperature, and feelings of social connection assessed multiple times a day over 1 week. . . .  moment-to-moment changes in tympanic temperature covaried with feelings of social connection across assessments. Thus, warmer body temperatures, in the nonfebrile [non-fever] range, were associated with greater feelings of social connection, and cooler body temperatures were associated with lower feelings of social connection. These findings provide further evidence for the link between physical and social warmth.”

Tristen Inagaki and Lauren Human. “Physical and Social Warmth:  Warmer Daily Body Temperature Is Associated with Greater Feelings of Social Connection.”  Emotion, in press,