Personality and Job Performance (12-07-21)

Wilmot and Ones link particular personality factors to success in certain sorts of jobs and their findings are useful to designers aligning design with personality, which is regularly discussed in Research Design Connections.  The investigators found that when they studied ties between personality “and occupational performance (i.e., supervisory ratings of overall job performance or objective performance outcomes). . . . for 9 major occupational groups (clerical, customer service, healthcare, law enforcement, management, military, professional, sales, and skilled/semiskilled). . . . [that] Conscientiousness predicts across all groups, but other traits have higher validities when they are more relevant to occupational requirements: agreeableness for healthcare; emotional stability for skilled/semiskilled, law enforcement, and military; extraversion for sales and management; and openness for professional. . . .  When groups are ranked by [occupational] complexity, multiple correlations generally follow an inverse-U shaped pattern, which suggests that moderate complexity levels may be a ‘goldilocks range’ for personality prediction.”

Michel Wilmot and Deniz Ones. 2021.  “Occupational Characteristics Moderate Personality-Performance Relations in Major Occupational Groups.”  Journal of Vocational Behavior vol. 131, 103655,