Perceptions of Teamwork (07-08-21)

Lim and colleagues evaluated how the design of healthcare facilities influences perceptions of teamwork. They “measured teamwork perceptions of staff members and patients at four primary care clinics providing team-based care. Visual access to staff workstations from both staff and patient perspectives was analyzed using VisualPower tool (version 21). . . .the visual relationships among staff members and those between staff members and patients have significant associations with overall perceptions of teamwork. While clinics providing more visual connections between staff workstations reported higher teamwork perception of staff members, patient perceptions of staff teamwork were inversely [in reverse] related to the number of visual connections between patients and staff workstations.”

Lisa Lim, Ruth Kanfer, Robert Stroebel, and Craig Zimring.  2021. “The Representational Function of Clinic Design:  Staff and Patient Perceptions of Teamwork.”  HERD: Health Environments Research and Design Journal, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 254-270,