Pediatric Hospitals, Children’s Opinions (07-10-19)

What do children think is important at pediatric hospitals?  Researchers from Edith Cowan University collected information from school-aged children in Australia and New Zealand during hospital stays and determined that “Feeling safe and being able to get to sleep at night are the things that matter most to sick kids in hospital. . . .  The children surveyed identified their most important needs as:

1   ‘To know I am safe and will be looked after.’

2   ‘To get enough sleep at night.’

3   ‘That staff listen to me.’

4   ‘To have places my parents can go to for food and drinks.’

5   ‘To have my mum, dad or family help care for me.’”

 The findings of this study are published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

“What Do Sick Kids Really Need in Hospital?”  2019. Press release, Edith Cowan University,