Office Lighting and Performance (05-07-19)

Sun, Lian, and Lan probed professional performance under varying lighting conditions using a variety of research methodologies.  They investigated “the relationship between lighting illuminance (ILL), uniformity of illuminance (U-ILL), correlated colour temperature (CCT) and workers’ productivity. . . . when exposed to high ILL, U-ILL and CCT environment, participants reported highest satisfaction on productivity and attention. . . . The improvements of perception, learning and memory function of participants were benefited from high ILL, high U-ILL and high/medium CCT. Low ILL, low U-ILL and moderate CCT were appropriate to increase participants’ thinking and executive performance.”

Chanjuan Sun, Zhiwei Lian, and Li Lan.  “Work Performance in Relation to Lighting Environment in Office Buildings.”  Indoor and Built Environment, in press, DOI:  10.1177/1420326X18820089