Office Building, Workplace Layout (04-22-22)

Yildirim and colleagues set out to learn more about how design influences user assessments of workplaces.  They investigated, via a survey distributed in Ankara, Turkey, “the effects of location of closed offices on the front facade, rear facade and side facade plans and the indoor layout (left and right users’ cabinets) on perceptual evaluations of users of physical environmental factors. . . . it was determined that office users on the front and side facades generally perceived more positively the offices’ environmental factors than office users on the back facade. In addition, it was determined that offices with storage cabinets located to the right of users (Type A) were perceived more positively than storage cabinets located to the left of users (Type B).”

Kemal Yildirim, Mehmet Hidayetoglu, and Sinem Unuvar.  2022. “The Effects of Location and Layout of Offices on Perceptual Evaluations of Users.”  Facilities, vol. 40, no. ½, pp. 1-19,