Noise and Responses to Food (09-29-20)

Alamir and Hansen evaluated how experiencing particular sorts of sounds influences our response to food served.  They determined that “Relaxing music increased the liking of food at 30 and 40 dBA by 60 and 38%, respectively.  Restaurant noise and road traffic noise decreased the liking of food at all noise levels.  The increase of noise levels [data were collected at 30, 40 and 50 dBA] decreased the liking of food for all noise types. . . . These results could also be helpful in choosing and designing dining areas with background noise that increase food enjoyment.

Mahmoud Alamir and Kristy Hansen.  2021.  “The Effect of Type and Level of Background Noise on Food Liking:  A Laboratory Non-Focused Listening Test.”  Applied Acoustics, vol. 172, 107600,