Noise and Infertility (07-11-17)

Min and Min linked exposure to loud-ish noises and male infertility.  The researchers report that they “examined an association between daytime and nocturnal noise exposures over four years . . .. and subsequent male infertility.  We used the National Health Insurance Service-National Sample Cohort (2002–2013), a population-wide health insurance claims dataset. A total of 206,492 males of reproductive age (20–59 years) with no history of congenital malformations were followed up for an 8-year period. . . . Data on noise exposure was obtained from the National Noise Information System.  . . . Based on WHO criteria, adjusted odds for infertility were significantly increased . . . in males exposed to night time noise ≥ 55 dB. We found a significant association between exposure to environmental noise for four years and the subsequent incidence of male infertility, suggesting long-term exposure to noise has a role in pathogenesis of male infertility.”  Statistical tools were used to eliminate factors such as age, income, and BMI as possible explanations for the effects found.

Kyoung-Bok Min and Jin-Young Min. 2017.  “Exposure to Environmental Noise and Risk for Male Infertility:  A Population-Based Cohort Study.”  Environmental Pollution, vol. 226, pp. 118-124.